Play Baldi’s Basics Games Online

School is a place that brings up mixed emotions. On one hand, we recollect our youth and all the fun we had. But on the other, we also think back to all those dull lectures and wicked teachers that made their classes a real nightmare even for straight-A students. In Baldi’s Basics games, you will meet one such teacher – and after you do you’ll be lucky to get home safe and sound!

His name is Baldi and he really hates kids. You can tell that by the way he rejoices at mistakes they make because now he can snap at them and even use brutal force. Yes, he is no stranger to beating the schoolchildren and you know that better than anyone. Here he is coming at you again shaking his long ruler with a threatening glint in his eyes. There is only one way to avoid the punishment – run out of the classroom and try to get away from Baldi as he chases you all over the school!

That won’t be easy because despite his age Baldi is rather fast and enduring. And by the end of the day he only becomes stronger. You’ll have to maneuver up and down the staircases, look for shortcuts and hide in other classrooms waiting for him to pass by. Your stamina will be decreasing as you stay on the move and you’ll have to refill that with quick snacks. During your crazy race, you’ll also meet other characters that may try to thwart you. There are ways of dealing with them, but you should stay alert. Don’t trust everyone you see, even if they seem to be friendly and offer help – they might actually turn out to be Baldi’s agents! Play Baldi’s Basics games online and see if you can escape your teacher’s wrath!

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