Do you love platformers? Then here is a new series of games to enjoy to the fullest. This time, you will interact with a cool hero. It is Red Ball, a mischievous personage that cannot live without adventures. Your role is to join the hero and help him with various missions!

Complete a lot of tasks!

Every time, the character rushes to help someone – he is either saving the planet from the approaching disaster or rescues other personages from trouble. Whatever Red Ball does, his intentions are always good. However, his path is always packed with obstacles and terrible opponents. Your task is to join Red Ball and help him defeat all the bosses and overcome difficulties. Only agile players will be able to skillfully avoid all dangers and safely reach the destination point. Are you one of them? Get ready that you will have to jump a lot and develop insane speed at certain moments!
Enjoy the best adventures of Red Ball
On this page, you will find all the exciting adventures of the restless character. Each of them is full of fun and cool twists. Demonstrate the best skills of jumping and rolling to prove nothing can stop Red Ball. Even if the gameplay looks simple, you will need to remain fully focused on it to succeed. You will also have to solve a lot of logical puzzles to complete each mission. But one thing is sure – you will love engaging walkthrough and will surely want to test all the challenges together with this cute character!

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