Dr. Reflex | Baldi’s Basics


Dr. Reflex is not your typical antagonist in Baldi’s Basics Plus. As a character designed to test reflexes, his interaction with players goes beyond simple chase sequences. Initially appearing friendly, he eagerly runs toward players to initiate reflex tests. These encounters are critical, as players must quickly decide between two options presented by Dr. Reflex to pass the test. His demeanor shifts dramatically when players fail, morphing from supportive to menacing as he retrieves his giant percussion hammer and begins a relentless pursuit.

Rage and Retribution

Once enraged, Dr. Reflex becomes a formidable foe. Armed with his reflex hammer, he chases players and has the ability to squish any character in his path, excluding Chalkles. This ability significantly affects gameplay, as squished characters experience restricted interactions, making it more challenging to navigate the game’s environment. Players must utilize stealth and strategic use of items to evade Dr. Reflex’s wrath, employing tactics like hiding or using gadgets to temporarily impair his senses. This complex interaction adds a layer of intensity and strategy to the game, making encounters with Dr. Reflex uniquely challenging.

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