Play Farming Simulator Games Online

After the Second World War agricultural workers were worth their weight in gold. Countries had to grow their own food not to rely on imports. The labour was hard but everybody realized the importance of this sphere. With the help of this simulator you can imagine yourself being a farmer for a while. Join our farming community and stay in the countryside. Lend a hand to the fields and carry your duties with dedication and enthusiasm. Numerous parts of the game and updates will help you with that.

Farming can’t be boring!

So what are you exactly going to do? Plough and sow, then again plant and harvest. Fortunately, technological progress goes on, thereby, you can buy tools and machines to increase the effectiveness of crops production. At first, use free vehicles but in time, replace them by ones that are more powerful. In general, there will be around 400 models of them, so you will have enough to choose from. New Holland, Krone, Valtra, John Deere and other well-known brands are in this list. And believe us, you’ll need them all because the territories you’re going to explore are endless. 

A cultivator will be your thing number one at the beginning, but have a look at the assortment in the shop! Low-loaders, trucks of all sizes, tractors and trailers are at your disposal. Each sort of vehicle is intended to carry out a certain function. Don’t economize on professional agricultural machinery as it will always be useful in your business. 

Where to make fortune

Depending on the area he is living in, the main character can grow certain types of crops. For instance, in the American map there’s rice, sorghum, rye and such vegetables as tomatoes, carrots and onions. Meanwhile the Midwest Diary Map boasts of silage, pea and corn. The farmer’s job implies another interesting activity – livestock. Take care of sheep or cows and produce tasty diary products, or breed chickens and sell eggs at competitive prices. Who has just oinked? Oh, your piggies. 

Thornton farm consists of 38 fields that the players can cultivate and what’s more, there are several missions to complete here. The place offers you one more source of income – a sawmill. Become the owner of a local forestry and provide services of wood transportation. Improve the quality of delivery by modern equipment and remember to buy a shed for it. Save the cars from rainy weather so that they serve you faithfully. Take advantage of every location you visit in this simulator!

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