Have you ever wanted to start a new life? Perhaps you dream of being born in a different country or having a different appearance? How about trying another career and starting your relationship from scratch? All this is possible in The Sims! This is an incredibly realistic life simulator with a huge variety of options, thanks to which everything seems to be real. Are you ready to dive into the world of virtual adventures and joys? Then welcome to this section!

Sims look and behave like real people. They sleep, eat, get angry and rejoice. In the morning you need to take a shower and have breakfast, because the indicators of hygiene and hunger have already reached a minimum. You don’t want to faint in the street or annoy everyone with your unpleasant smell! Time passes quickly, and a car has already arrived for you. It’s time to go to work! In the office, you can do anything – routine duties, work overtime, or just fool around. Of course, in this case, you shouldn’t be surprised to be scolded by your boss. Hardworking Sims, on the other hand, get promoted faster and their salary keeps growing.

What to do after the day is over? Look at the city map – there are a lot of different establishments and entertainment for every taste. You can visit the city park or beach, have a delicious lunch at a restaurant, dance in a disco or go to the cinema. At these locations you will meet other characters with whom you can get acquainted, make friends and even have a romance. And then – home, family, children … Everything is like in reality! And of course, don’t forget about your hobbies. The game has many skills that can be developed – drawing, playing the piano, writing, fishing, sports. Well, if you get bored, there are always interesting tasks that you can complete for a reward! Immerse yourself in the colorful world of The Sims and rebuild your life!

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