Play Friday Night Funkin Games Online

Friday Night Funkin is a fascinating music game where you have to rap against a variety of opponents. All you need to win is to listen to the tune carefully and press the right buttons in time with the beat. The arrows on the screen will show you which button to hit right now. However, there is also a story behind the gameplay, and it’s quite romantic!

Groove to the beat and win the heart of a lovely lady!

The essence of the game is simple. You play as a kid and he has a girlfriend. But here’s the trouble: she has a demon rock star dad who doesn’t allow her to go out with our hero. And our poor fellow will have to join him in a rap battle. And that’s all you need to know about the plot. Further, the story develops in a random way: either the boy and his girlfriend get into a 16-bit dating simulator, then they get to the tankers, and sometimes they meet with creepy monsters. But the point remains the same: the opponent must be defeated in a musical duel.

Once the match starts, you will see our guy on stage together with his opponent. They will be singing and moving to the rhythm, and that looks very cute. There will be arrow pointing in different directions – they correspond to the buttons you have to push to strike the right note. If you do everything right, your score will grow. You can track your progress at the bottom of the screen, as well as see the progress of your rival. The battle lasts for three rounds, then the winner is determined. There are various tunes you can enjoy, including hot hits and some rarer songs. 

Enjoy a great number of mods with lots of amazing characters!

Wait, that’s it? How can such a simple casual game be so hyped? Well, for good reason. To begin with, the game is open source, allowing anyone to build mods. And thanks to this feature, it managed to go viral. Basically, mods are reskins, where characters are replaced with others, thus creating funny crossovers. Much more advanced players insert new music and note routines into the game giving the others access to a lot more songs that are available in the standard version. There are more and more mods released on a regular basis, and now everyone can try competing against someone like Ronald McDonald, Sonic or other popular characters. That adds a lot of variety because you can always enjoy new faces and also new tunes. Start playing Friday Night Funkin right now and plunge into the vibrant world of music!

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