Each of us had a favorite toy in childhood. We spent all our time with it, played and read fairy tales together, took it to our bed. It would never have occurred to us that a cute teddy bear could be a terrible monster! Those who faced Freddie were much less fortunate. Under the soft fur is a terrible evil that wakes up at sunset. Freddie comes to life and starts wandering around the house in search of a victim. Those who get in his way won’t end up well! Test your survival skills and escape the wicked animatronic and his mechanical friends in the exciting FNaF horror series!

It all started in one pizzeria, which became famous for its clockwork dolls. These cute animals sang and danced to entertain the visitors. And no one knew what they turn into when night falls. Until Mike, the restaurant’s night watchman, ran into them. One day he saw through his security cameras how Freddie jumped off the shelf and started walking around the room! He couldn’t believe his eyes, but the same thing happened in other places. Moreover, the animatronics looked vicious and behaved extremely aggressively. Mike realized that his only hope of salvation was to stay in the glass booth and monitor the pizzeria, closing the electronic doors in time when the toys were close.

But the problem is that the supply of electricity is running out, and it won’t be long until Mike isn’t able to control the situation. And the morning is still very far away! Can you survive this nightmare? There are also plenty of other blood-chilling situations awaiting you in FNaF games – a walk through an abandoned toy factory with a flashlight, meeting all existing animatronics at once, and other challenges that will test the strength of your nerves. In each of these games you have to last five nights! Are you ready to spend them with Freddie?

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