Play Toca Life Games Online

Become a citizen of Bop City and go sightseeing. Due to different parts of the game presented on the site, you’ll be able to explore various places and establishments, stay there and try performing numerous activities. It’s like travelling in a virtual universe where everything is allowed. You will love the graphics and jolly melodies. Speaking about the characters, you must have met them in the animated cartoon ‘Toca Life Stories’, but now it’s time for your own tale. Create it with pleasure!

Only fashionable clothes for your characters!

Go with the flow and see where the path takes you. Eight locations of the city are always free to visit. Do you like new additions to the wardrobe? A sewing workshop is at your service. Here you can purchase unique accessories and try them on in the dressing room. When your friends see those pretty handbags and headgear, they won’t let you alone until you confess where you’ve bought them. A turban or a hat with horns? Why not, art is art. Oh, there is one more place to search for original clothes – a garbage dump. Don’t be afraid, it’s not that dirty. It looks like an old garage with the things that are of no longer use. Vintage is trendy again, so you’ll probably succeed in finding some nice stuff. Anyway, nobody makes you take the scary masks or wear kimonos: if nothing interests you, just move on to another location.

Exciting places to go

Theatre can become one of your favourites. Here you can be a visitor or work on stage. Change decorations for a play, put on a suitable mask for your character, choose a musical instrument and you’re ready for a show. The curtain rises and it’s your perfect moment to impress the public and become a star. If you aren’t of an ambitious kind, a comfortable chair in the bar allows you to relax and watch the performance. Order a drink and enjoy the evening in Shakespeare’s cradle. 

A local hairdresser’s is more about fun too. It consists of several rooms, where you can read a magazine while waiting for your turn, have a haircut, change the colour of your hair and ask the mirror who’s the prettiest on Earth. It’s even possible to shave your head, that’s why if you have always dreamt of Bruce Willis’ look, just do it. The game permits the players to try on different roles: if you’re bored of being a client, grab a bucket and a rag and clean the hairdresser’s. Switching the jobs have never been easier! If you visit a post office, you’ll have a chance to become their worker. Cope with packages and letters, tidy up the place keep everything in order. 

There are also shops, food stalls in the open air and a supermarket. You’ll never starve in Toca Life Games! Neither will you feel sad, because the festive atmosphere of the city will remind you of the happy days of rest when you go shopping, simply have fun and enjoy yourself! Do the same here and your spend time with pleasure!

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