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When the lights go down, it means something bad is going to happen. Who is lurking in the dark? Whose steps can you hear behind your back? The spaceship hides lots of mysteries that you are going to solve as a member of the crew. The worst thing about your travel is that you suddenly realize there’s a traitor in your team. That creature kills other astronauts and now it’s coming to get you! Avoid meeting the monster and figure out how to detect his identity. Different parts of the game will carry you into a real detective story with the elements of thriller.

And the fun begins

Open the map to know your location and explore other parts of the ship including a storage, security, a kitchen, navigation, repairs, etc. Your search button will flash each time there’s any evidence. Prepare to see dead bodies on the floor – all that is left from your mates. On one hand, it’s an unpleasant sight, but on the other hand, it narrows your suspect pool. The intruder will always be walking somewhere around you, so once you hear a strange noise, leave the place right now! Don’t look back as the creature that is chasing you is very fast and won’t lose a chance to eat you. If you don’t want to become its dinner, move it, move it!

Your character moves across the rooms of the ship in order to find necessary clues. You need to prove guilt of one of the crewmates and discuss the situation in a special chat. There you can ask leading questions, which might help you in the investigation. In a new version of the game you don’t have to type every word, use a sentence constructor instead. If you are not sure in your choice of the impostor, skip the procedure for a while and try it later. The court doesn’t require an immediate answer. 

Some useful tips 

There are four pieces of advice for players who want to survive in this exciting game. Firstly, you should turn on the lights in the compartment you’re going to visit. It will scare the enemy and give you the opportunity to do some chores. You’ve heard it right, housework on the spaceship is obligatory. Take out the trash, fix wires and showers, clean toilets, start fans and do some cooking in the kitchen. Half of the tasks could be omitted if it wasn’t for sabotage on board. It’s obvious that someone on this ship doesn’t want it to work properly or is just setting traps. Keep away from vents as the impostor likes hiding their. Once again, if there are unusual sounds coming from above, IT is in the system! It’s a red signal for your character – get away from here! And as you’ve understood, the fourth rule is not to stay long in the room.

с is a masterpiece that impressed millions of players around the world with its simple plot and thrilling atmosphere. If you like to decide people’s fates and not afraid of difficulties, welcome aboard! Run for life and find out who is the sleazy spy that disturbs your crewmates. Become a smart detective and solve the terrible crime happening here. Customize the main character with a hat and voila, observe Holmes space version at work. Have a nice travel and save your team from the despicable intruder! 

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