Picture this: you find yourself trapped in an amusement park straight out of a nightmare. The once lively rides and attractions now stand in eerie silence, and the cheerful laughter of children has been replaced by haunting echoes. But wait, there’s more! These color-coded creatures, the Rainbow Friends, are out to get you!

Rainbow Friends are after you!

Your task is to survive the night and escape this amusement park of doom. You’ll need your wits, reflexes, and a healthy dose of bravery as you navigate the dark and twisted pathways of the park. Along the way, you’ll encounter tasks and challenges that must be completed to unlock new areas and unveil the secrets of this forsaken place.

The game consists of five nights, each associated with a specific task you need to accomplish and a new Rainbow Friend to be introduced. Each of the monsters sports a different color and their own unique behavior patterns. Learning their tricks is your only ticket out of this creepy carnival!

See if you can escape the park!

The game deals well with creating an eerie atmosphere. From creepy clown-infested funhouses to towering roller coasters that creak with every gust of wind, the amusement park is a twisted maze filled with surprises at every turn. You might even stumble upon hidden passages and secret areas, each holding its own set of challenges and rewards. Surviving here won’t be a walk in the park (pun intended), but with a dash of bravery and a splash of strategy, you just might make it out alive!

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