Horrors are considered to be a pretty new genre. Indeed, it hasn’t been too long since we saw the first horror movie. But if we look at it more carefully, we’ll discover that scary stories have been around since time immemorial. There have been plenty of writers who used the element of mystery and supernatural in their stories. Remember Edgar Alan Po? He actually wrote books on which many of the contemporary horror films are based. And the famous Dracula franchise, it didn’t just come out of nowhere either. Stories about an enigmatic duke leading a solitary life in his far-off castle and drinking human blood have been told before repeatedly. And finally, the good old fairy tails we used to hear from our parents and grandparents as kids were also full of creepy moments. Today, horrors are everywhere and most notably in online games. If you are a fan of this genre, we offer you an ultimate selection of best horror games out there that will send shivers down your spine from the very first minutes of what’s happening on the screen!

Creepy, intense, thrilling!

There are plenty of horror scenarios that you can enjoy on your computer or mobile device. Most of the times, they deal with going up against some mystical power or terrible killer. You find yourself locked in some dark and spooky building and need to get out before the angry ghost or some vile monster catches you. It can be a runner where you have to keep moving as fast as possible overcoming various obstacles or an escape room quest in which you have to do a lot of exploration and stealth walking about the premises and searching for objects that will help you get out, all while looking out for the scary enemy.

Games like that are filled with all kinds of elements to create a feeling of suspense and an eerie atmosphere. The lights are dim, the whole house looks threatening and even the slightest noise can make you jump up in your chair. Developers also include plenty of screamers which are unexpected situations or encounters that creep you out. It shouldn’t necessarily be the monster you’re trying to get away from – it can be just a curtain blown by the wind, but the effect will be riveting! When it comes to emotional intensity, playing horror games is just as frightening as walking through a dark house at night. So if your nerves aren’t firm enough, some of them are better to be avoided!

All scenarios to your taste!

The action of horror games can unfold in any epoch at any place. You can be carried back to medieval centuries where you must battle demons as a priest armed with nothing but the Bible and a cross. The events can also unfold in our progressive time, but with something otherworldly involved and that’s even scarier because we’re used to feeling safe in our rational and scientifically explained world. You may be sent to investigate some mysterious case only to find out there are forces beyond our understanding at play here. You just can’t walk away from a challenge like that! Play the best horror games on our site and get your portion of adrenaline for today!

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