Over time, everyday life becomes monotonous and insipid. We want adventure and fun, but in reality there are too few opportunities for this. The virtual world is totally different! Here you can do whatever your heart desires. One click – and you are already far from here, somewhere in a trendy nightclub, dancing in beautiful clothes and meeting new people. Or you relax on tropical beaches, travel to different parts of the earth, or maybe even fly into open space. In virtual reality, you can change your appearance, work, start the relationship of your dreams. All of this is available in Gacha Life! This incredible simulator will open up all the possibilities of virtual entertainments for you.

The gameplay starts with choosing an avatar. And here it happens in a completely different way than in other games. Instead of a few standard options, there is a wide palette of parameters that can be customized in great detail. By moving the slider, you can choose any face shape, eye color and size, hairstyle. You can change gender or race. A huge selection of clothes and accessories will help you complete your look. Indeed, you can’t be content with the basic options! Gacha Life allows you to choose exactly those things that perfectly reflect your inner state. In addition, the collection is constantly updated, so almost every day new great options are waiting for you!

Now everything is ready. It’s time to start playing! Here you will find various mini-games in which you can participate alone or with friends, chats where you can meet other players, and the opportunity to create beautiful scenes featuring your characters. You can pick the background, poses, write dialogues and act out the whole story, where everything will happen as you wish. Discover the bright world of Gacha Life and you will not want to leave it!

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