Baldi’s Basics New Teacher

School life has never been easy, but from now it becomes a struggle for your life. Meet your new math teacher and get ready that he will become your worst enemy for the next days. This is a new educator from the Baldi’s school! The game will gladden you with a brand new main opponent – he is as persistent and attentive as Baldi, but his punishment methods are even tougher. This man will run after you whenever he sees or hears you, so have a plan and try to avoid colliding with him. You can hide in the classrooms, use every niche as a shelter, and keep yourself safe until you solve all of his puzzles. Let us reveal the secret – there is only one puzzle you really need to solve: you have to save your life! The game is a survival horror where you are chased by a new character from Baldi’s universe. The principles are pretty much the same as you know them from the previous parts. Try to save your life if you can and avoid getting trapped by the creepy teacher who will use any opportunity to catch you and punish you. Do your best – the time is limited as well as the number of tries you have.

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