Welcome to a thrilling simulator that will get you acquainted with the life in a Japanese school. You will dive into an endless flow of events and adventures. You can become a diligent student or a true chaos maker – you are free to choose your role in this engaging entertainment. But one thing is obvious – you will always find some cool activity in Sakura School Simulator. So it is time to get started!

What is it all about?

The very first step is to select your character and customize him. You can become a boy, a girl, and even a cat! The menu offers lots of options to make your personage look great. Just do your best and try make him memorable! Every game starts from the moment when your hero leaves his house. And then it is the player who decides where he will go. There are lots of stunning locations to explore in this game. You can just walk around the town or visit the Yakuza office and steal some weapon there. It is possible to play in a really peaceful way, but you can also go through endless thrills! If you opt for the first variant, you will fully immerse in the school life – attend classes and interact with classmates and teachers. And if you decide to give a try to the other option – you will make a lot of enemies and fight them! Both variants have a lot of thrilling missions to complete. Make sure not to miss any of them and earn enough points to unlock new possibilities!

Interact with other characters!

You will meet a lot of other students here, as well as town dwellers. And you should actively interact with them all. Depending on your character, you can enjoy several communication options. But in general, you are free to do everything you want – make friends, have pets, visit houses of other personages, drive cars, go shopping and even kill people! But do not worry – nobody dies in Sakura School Simulator. If you even badly attack your opponent, he will just become not active for some time and then return to the story. Your ultimate target is to stay as active as possible and earn enough points. Furthermore, your character will have a reputation parameter. You will need to continuously increase it. For this, you need to take part in lots of mini-games where you need to solve puzzles and quests and find a solution from many funny situations. This simulator will help you spend time with fun and pleasure. Let this great adventure begin for you right now! You will not regret your choice!

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