Play Stickman Games Online

This guy looks very simple, even primitive – stick legs and arms, black circle instead of a head. But he isn’t worried about it. Because his life is full of events and challenges! He never sits in one place and always finds some extreme entertainment to keep his blood boiling and his stick limbs busy. His name is Stickman and today you are going to accompany him on another round of his crazy adventures!

Stickman games are very numerous and versatile. They won’t stun you with high-end graphics, but the gameplay is very dynamic and addicting. You can do plenty of great things together – ride a bike through the city without any concern for your safety, perform insane parkour tricks, climb sky-scrapers, participate in wild races and fight with other Stickmen just like you. The controls are really simple, so you won’t have to memorize any complex button schemes. These games are great in improving your reflexes and of course having fun!

Due to his reckless way of life, Stickman sometimes gets in trouble. It’s no surprise for him to go to jail. But you can get him out of there if you help him pick the lock and deal with all the security measures. That won’t be easy – on every level the task will become more and more difficult. You have to use your logic to figure out how to do it. There are also guards walking through the building and you must avoid them. But anyway, it’s going to be very exciting! Get to know Stickman better, join him on his mad escapades and enjoy every minute spend in the company of this great character playing our amazing games!

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