Hold onto your diapers, because you’re about to plunge into the spine-chilling world of The Baby in Yellow! This horror game that will make you think twice before stepping foot in a nursery. Get ready to have your sanity tested as you journey through this baby-sitting nightmare!

A baby from hell

In The Baby in Yellow, you find yourself in a house that’s straight out of a horror movie. But this isn’t your ordinary haunted house. It’s a baby’s nursery that will send shivers down your spine. Who knew being around toddlers could be so unsettling?

You play as a poor soul tasked with babysitting the creepiest, most unsettling baby in the history of gaming. This little terror wears a yellow onesie and behaves downright disturbing. With its vacant eyes and eerie giggles, this baby will make you question whether you’re in a horror game or a dimension of pure madness.

Survive and save the baby!

The gameplay is a crazy mix of hide-and-seek, puzzle-solving, and sheer panic-inducing terror. As you navigate the house, you’ll encounter all kinds of paranormal activities, and the child has something to do with it. Beware – he is one crafty devil! He will crawl around the room, searching for you with its cold, unblinking eyes, or even hover in the midair, his head spinning eerie all around and producing spooky sounds. You have to figure out what’s happening and get away with your life! Or maybe even save the baby, but be warned – this is going to be way tougher and riskier!

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