Play Backrooms Games Online

The Backrooms is a thrilling and eerie escape room game where you roam a creepy maze and try to find a way out. To do that, you have to walk into numerous doors and solve tricky puzzles. You also have to stay alert and keep your sanity level from creeping too high. Otherwise you’ll face something truly scary and dangerous!

Open doors and solve puzzles!

Once you launch the game, you find yourself in some kind of a labyrinth, dimly lit and oppressively yellow. These yellow walls seem to go on forever, and there is nothing but dozens of doors in them, equally mysterious and ominous. One of those doors contains a key to your freedom. You just have to find it! And to solve a puzzle that will allow you to escape.

The puzzles are downright bizarre and very tough. It’s basically a set of objects that sometimes seem to have no connection with each other. Nevertheless, you must discover it. Try different ways of interacting with the items at hand and sooner or later you will stumble upon the solution. Just stay alert, otherwise…

Keep the paranoia in check!

The point is, there is a special sanity meter in The Backrooms. To prevent madness from crawling in on you, you have to make sure to check with the watch on your wrist every once in a while. If you forget to do it… Well, let’s just say things won’t get nice. And you don’t want to even know more about it! So plunge into the twisted and paranoid world of this spooky game, try your hand in all the cunning puzzles and see if you can survive until you find the exit out of this horrible maze! Good luck!

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