Baldi’s Basics Plus

It is impossible to have enough of Baldi! This is one of the most stylish and crazy indie horrors games in the history. In the era of 3D graphics and incredibly realistic game design, monsters that look like real don’t scare us as much as this guy. His name is Baldi and he is a school teacher. He looks so strange that you will never forget him – almost bold, with large eye balls that get red once he becomes angry (this happens way too often), and those neon clothes you can see from the other corner of the world. Baldi seems to be fond of… no, math doesn’t really bother him, but he covers his desire for power and torturing this way. He gets mad when he sees you failing the math problems, but if you will look closer at these assignments, you will understand that they have nothing to do with math – it is impossible to tackle them. The newest version of Baldi is something really incredible. Now the game gets so rich that you will be literally shocked! Not only the school becomes larger, but also it is so alive now. Yes, the environment is ever-changing and you will have to deal with this crazy activity all the time! The rooms will mix, the characters will get combined into real monsters, and everything else will interfuse like in the worst nightmare one can imagine. In this cocktail of weirdness and horror, you will have to look for the note books like you did in the previous parts. However, now there are more useful items to find – make sure to look around carefully. Gather the items and never neglect them – it is important to have them all in your pocket to solve the issues and challenging puzzles, as well as to hide and get away from Baldi and other not-so-pleasant guys that live in the corridors of this cursed school. This time, the game becomes limitless. Due to the real-time generation of levels, characters, and obstacles, you can enjoy it as much as you want and as long as you can handle. Due to the high level of changeability, each player gets unique plot and experience of Baldi’s Basics. And, what is even more exciting, each of your playing sessions is not the same as the previous one! Each new game – new story to discover! Enjoy the freshest version of Baldi right on this website and remember – all of our titles, including this one, are absolutely free to launch and enjoy online. There is no need to download anything or pay a single penny – have fun in the world of Baldi! Jump in right now and get ready for the spookiest school adventure in your life!

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