Play Kogama Games Online

It’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth of entrances and exits, where every single platform can present a threat. Kogama is an arcade that will make your head go spinning around. You might find it challenging in the higher levels, but believe us, you’ll get used to the tricky tasks and specific design of the game. What’s more, you’ll fall in love with the risk and excitement it creates at every step. You can play it alone or in a company of friends, which would turn the process into a breathtaking competition. There’s a whole series of games, so your fun will never end!

Per aspera ad astra

A level presents an endless amount of obstacles that a character has to overcome. If there are other players online, you can watch how their attempts end and follow their example or not. You will see many tunnels, holes, corridors and moving geometrical figures. Jump over them or simply walk through them to move closer to another flag. When you reach that checkpoint, it means that your progress is saved. Sometimes you’ll start racking your brain over certain parts of the level, but if you stand of the secret grey spot, you’ll observe all the hidden paths. In addition to that, your character will drive super-fast cars that can jump. Thanks to the designers’ imagination, you can choose a watermelon vehicle, an auto in the shape of grapes or other tasty means of transport that are permitted here. 

Extreme and a bit of creativity

If you’re all about speed, than Kogama Parkour was meant for you. In this version of the game your hero will rush through blocks and platforms in the water, air and on the ground. How many kilometres per hour could you make? Be careful of the green acid spilt everywhere. You can’t get rid of it, you’d better pass it by and don’t touch it on no condition. If the main character is hurt, you’ll see him flashing and it isn’t a good sign. One more mistake and he’ll die making you to restart the round. Always keep an eye on your health rate and points.

The option of mini games wakes your competitive spirit up. Gather some friends of yours and check who’s going to be the first to complete a mission or get to the finish line. Will you tease your mates if they lose one step away from victory? You can also customize your character and generate a particular ‘signature’ that he’ll leave after himself. For example, bats or fire would look cool. Organize a contest of the best Kogama image and have fun discussing everybody’s smart ideas. Be a part of a team that wants to win and likes creativity!

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