Granny 3

If you enjoy horror games, you should definitely try Granny 3! This is a story about a poor guy who got trapped inside an abandoned house by a crazy old lady. She wants to kill him and lurks somewhere in the building keeping her baseball bate at the ready. You need to explore the house as quietly as possible, find all the items you need to open the front door and get away before she gets to you!

Look for the key!

The first thing you need to do after loading Granny 3 is choose a difficulty mode. There are four of them, and it’s advisable to start from the simplest if you are new to the game. The higher the difficulty the faster Granny is going to move and the more locks will be on the door. It will also get darker and darker in the house complicating the passage. Nevertheless, you need to try your best to find all the items required for completing your goal. They can be stored just about anywhere, so you have to carefully check every drawer and cabinet in the room you just walked into. Don’t forget to look behind the boxes – maybe there is a secret passage there leading to premises where you can discover something interesting and useful like a weapon.

Run, hide or fight!

Basically, Granny can’t be killed in the game, but you can successfully protect yourself from her using several possible weapons. The easiest are pepper spray and frost traps that can be found around the house. They will slow your enemy down for a few seconds giving you time to run and hide. If you apply a bit of effort, you can also put together a tranquilizer crossbow that is much more effective.

The game can have several endings, both good and bad ones. Bad ones include you dying in a variety of terrifying ways. Good ones are about different versions of leaving the house, including opening the front door, fixing a car in the garage or even sailing off on a boat. You can also make Granny good again by finding a teddy bear, the favorite toy of her dead granddaughter, and using it to summon her spirit. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the game!

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