Toca Boca

Around 500 characters live in Bop City. They adore shopping and entertainment. Today they invite you to play with them and explore the world together. Children are fond of this activity as it expands the horizons of their imagination and improves their creative skills. If you’re feeling bored, join the game and great mood is guaranteed. It reminds of a dollhouse but with more facilities to use. Check them yourself! Start with picking up the main character and work on his or her appearance and outfit. You can even choose a smile and the shape of ears. Bop citizens can be of any age group, that’s why nothing prevents you from playing as a retired woman or a middle-aged man. Dress them in some smart clothes and let’s get to work as there are eight locations to go. Firstly, visit your own house and furnish the rooms. Turn the place you’re going to return to every evening into a cosy spot. Get everything you need including a TV set, a sink, drawers, a bed and some ornaments. You can decorate the balcony with plants or hang pictures on the walls. The whole design is into your custody. Your characters can buy street food or go shopping to the supermarket. The last one consists of such departments as toys, pets, kitchenware and grocery. Grab the necessary goods and pay at the register, unless you’ve come just for fun. Then try mixing different products and see what dish you get in the end. Nobody is going to stop your improvisation, so take your time and amuse the cashier. In case you prefer eating outdoors, there is another location for this purpose. Have a sit at the table and order delicious snacks from the stalls. Don’t forget to throw out rubbish after you finish the meal. Yes, trash bins also exist in Bop City. Want to lend a helping hand to the people? Work as a post officer for a while. Pack the parcels, weigh them, sort letters and sell postcards. If after that you aren’t tired, arrange the stuff in the closet and clear the table from papers. Could you do the same in the real life? Only if one of your family members worked there. The game serves as a job simulator and teaches kids to be responsible and diligent. Visiting a theatre is a must for your characters. Perform on the stage with other actors or watch the show as a grateful spectator. You can have a drink in the bar to make your pastime more pleasant. This exciting experience will bring you positive vibes, as well as any other activity in Toca Boca!

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