Toca Life World

This is the best game because you don’t have to follow any rules. There are no winners or losers in here. You enjoy every moment spent with funky characters, which encourages you to stay in Toca Life for longer. Isn’t it wonderful to discover new places? Take an active part in the life of a city, become a customer and a worker, visit different shops and salons to satisfy your needs. You aren’t limited either in time or facilities. Use all opportunities of the game to realize your crazy ideas and no one will dare call you a fruitcake. That is what the virtual world was made for – a flight of fantasy! What should you see first? Go to the market and buy clothes to upgrade your character’s look. Try on all the stuff from the shelves and choose the most beautiful items. If you are in a funny mood, put on a kimono on the granny or give her a fishing rod as accessory. There are original masks, stylish caps, dresses and bright T-shirts as well. If you want to purchase something extravagant, visit a designer’s showroom. Feeling hungry? Don’t walk past food stalls, groceries and supermarkets. There are plenty of tasty things to eat here. A person who has a sweet tooth would purchase ice cream or doughnuts with cola. However, if you want something essential, try making your own burger. Experiment with the ingredients and add fish to your sandwich or create a mega mix of cabbage and shrimps. Don’t worry if it blows your mind, that’s just for starters. If you’re invited to a party and need to freshen yourself up, a local hairdresser’s will help you. Sit down into a comfortable chair and be ready to relax. Pick up a haircut and wait till it’s done. Then move to another room and paint your hair with any colour. Would you like it blue, green or orange? Have a look into the mirror and admire a new you. You can do that with all the characters or with the specific ones. All in all, Toca Life World is a perfect leisure activity for kids. It provides a great variety of things to do and locations to visit! Enjoy the game!

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