The Amazing Digital Circus Pilot

Don’t miss the premiere of a fabulous show where the fun never ends – the Amazing Digital Circus! This comedy unfolds like no other, successfully combining humor with a touch of black comedy. All events unfold in a digital realm controlled by an AI-powered creature known as Caine. It is a weird personage with two movable jaws instead of a head. Caine, along with Bubble, his funny assistant, welcomes six humans in this strange circus. However, they do not look human! They are weird heroes with cartoonish design that were mysteriously teleported from their ordinary lives.

Why are they here?

No one can explain why they were imprisoned in this insane place. But these unique characters have no option but to interact. Caine will force then to go through cruel experiments, some of which can be quite perilous and lead to significant injuries. But their lives are not at risk. Will these captives overcome the various obstacles thrown their way? If you really want to discover more, you’ll need to go through several thrilling episodes of this exciting show.

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