Go to Bed


Go To Bed presents a gripping survival horror experience where the night brings more than just dreams. As the sun sets, players find themselves in a battle not just against the encroaching darkness but against the very fears that lurk within it. This game transforms the simple act of going to bed into an ordeal of survival. Every sound, from the wind against the window to the house settling, becomes a potential threat. With the darkness as your main adversary, the challenge is to make it through the night. The question of whether the door was locked becomes not just one of security, but of survival. As players progress, the game cleverly plays on the psychological aspect of fear, making the act of trying to rest an escalating series of nerve-wracking challenges.

Delve into the Heart of Darkness

The core of Go To Bed lies in its ability to conjure an atmosphere of relentless tension and dread. Players are not just facing the physical manifestations of their fears but are also plunged into a psychological maelanomaly where reality becomes indistinguishable from nightmare. The game sets itself apart with its intense gameplay that demands both courage and cunning to navigate through the night’s horrors. With multiple endings available, each playthrough offers a unique perspective on the terrors that inhabit the game’s world. Players are invited to uncover the secrets that lie in the dark, confronting the terrifying entities that stand in their way.
Go To Bed challenges you to confront your fears head-on. Are you ready to face the night?

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