Friday Night Funkin Vs Cartoon Cat 2.0 Full Week


In Friday Night Funkin’ VS Cartoon Cat 2.0 FULL WEEK, players are thrust into a high-stakes rap battle within the eerie confines of an abandoned mall. This mod of the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’ pits Boyfriend against the menacing Cartoon Cat in a series of intense musical duels. Each track, including “Trapped Mouse” and “Rerun,” challenges players to keep up with the rhythm and outperform their feline adversary. The setting amplifies the tension, as Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves trapped by an old foe in a place harboring a dark secret.

The story escalates quickly when the monster that brought BF and GF to the mall realizes that he is not alone in this desolate space. Cartoon Cat, the lurking entity, adds an unexpected twist to their predicament. Players must navigate through the rhythmic challenges and help BF and GF escape their grim surroundings. The gameplay focuses on matching beats and executing perfect combos to defeat Cartoon Cat and secure a way out of the hauntingly silent mall.

Creative Team Behind the Mod

The mod benefits from the creative vision of KenethYT, who served as the director, artist, and animator. The character of Cartoon Cat, a creation of Trevor Henderson, brings a unique terror to the game. Additional artistic contributions come from AshyTown, who also lends voice talent, and other artists like Vb, ThatOne_Kid, TheKiroGamer, and Wolf The Knight, enhancing the visual and interactive elements of the game. Pixel art and iconography by Kevenkaioo and TheodorePOG, respectively, further enrich the aesthetic experience of this mod. Fans of the game are encouraged to support these creators on social media to stay updated on the mod’s developments and future enhancements.

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