Battle Wheels


Battle Wheels throws players into the driver’s seat of heavily armored vehicles in a futuristic arena where the main objective is survival. This vehicular combat game combines the thrill of racing with the intensity of battle, offering a unique blend of tactics and destruction. Players choose from a variety of combat-ready vehicles, each with unique capabilities and armaments designed to demolish opponents in explosive encounters. The arenas are designed with hazards and interactive elements that can be used to gain an advantage or can spell doom if not navigated carefully. Each match demands speed and agility and strategic planning to outmaneuver and outgun rivals.

Mastering Combat on the Move

As players dive deeper into Battle Wheels, they are tasked with upgrading their vehicles and arsenal to keep up with increasingly skilled opponents. Upgrades can enhance a vehicle’s speed, durability, and firepower, allowing players to customize their battle strategy to suit their play style. Whether preferring close-quarters combat with shotguns and flamethrowers or long-range engagements with rockets and sniper cannons, players can fine-tune their vehicles to dominate in the arena. The game also features a dynamic damage system, where vehicles show visible wear and tear, affecting performance and requiring players to make tactical decisions about when to engage or retreat. With its action-packed rounds and customizable vehicles, Battle Wheels provides a gripping combat experience that keeps players returning to the arena for more.

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