Waffle NYT

Wordle has been the talk of the town ever since it hit the scene. It’s got folks from all corners of the globe guessing away, trying to crack it. But guess what? With Wordle’s fame came a smorgasbord of wordy variants, and one of the tastiest is none other than Waffle NYT!

The grand arrangement challenge

Forget your standard grids in other word-guessing games. Waffle’s grids are waffle-shaped! Each word puzzle looks like a crispy, syrup-soaked waffle, and you’re about to get a taste of it! So, what’s the deal? The letters are in chaos, and you have to put them back in order. Untangle this deliciously disordered mess and whip up six words, one for each line of boxes. Just swipe across the grid and switch letters to get one step closer to the solution. The game offers you 15 tries to complete the waffle grid and uncover those hidden words. That’s more than we had in Wordle! So grab your forks, give it a try and don’t be shy to ask for another helping!

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