Toca Life 2021

This amazing game allows you to create and revel the results of your good job. Let’s imagine that you are a boy living in a large city full of places to visit. Wait a second, why can’t your character be a girl? So, once again, you’re a cute little girl who likes pink outfit and has a sloth. Stop, who said that grannies can’t have exotic pets? Okay, another adjustment taken into account and now you are an elderly woman who brings a sloth with her anywhere she goes. Does that all sound crazy to you? It might, but you’re going to love it! You are in charge of a huge amount of characters whom you can choose anytime. They have got a house, but it’s all empty and lacks a great designer. Unlike other games, you needn’t pay for items of furniture and décor in Toca Life. Drag and move them from a shop into a suitable room. Remember that all solutions are possible in the game. Do you put a sink in the hall? All right. Do you need a fire extinguisher in the bathroom? No problem, have it. Feel yourself like home in this virtual house of your dreams. If you’re fond of small details in the interior, place a cactus on the floor, pick up a lamp with pineapples on it or decorate the fridge with stickers. An aquarium might look good in the living room. You can use stuffed toys to create a cozy atmosphere or put lots of vases with flowers to add a touch of vividness. Nobody will criticize your choice or evaluate it, do what you want! Looking for a place to go? Visit a pet shop and buy yourself a faithful friend. There are dogs, cats, foxes and other unusual animals for you to pick from. Buy a box of food for your pet and go to the market, which is just around the corner. Everything is conveniently located in the city, so when you are searching for snacks, for example, you’ll be able to purchase them from a number of stalls in a line. What do you like more: hamburgers, sandwiches or hotdogs? You can have a mix of them because when your character suddenly becomes a chef, you get a chance to experiment with dishes. And don’t worry if you don’t have cash to pay for your shopping – atm machines are right in front of you. Kids adore Toca Life because nobody will punish them for their insane antics here! Give it a try!

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