The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

Some stories can make you question your sanity. Even if these are not filled with horror and screamers, they make you feel out of balance. If you want to gain a similar experience, then welcome to the Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe. Your character is a plain office worker who spends most of them time on his routine tasks and feels bored for the most part of the day. You may immediately get puzzled about what so thrilling can be found in such a story. But be patient – very soon you will dive in a series of inexplicable events that will fill you with embarrassment. One day, Stanley was daydreaming at his desk as usual when he realized he missed something important.

He looked around and realized that he is alone in his office. Where are all the employees? Nobody is here – it seems everyone has vanished in some mysterious way! Stanley gets intrigued and wants to find out what has actually happened. So the hero starts to explore rooms and corridors he did not seem to notice before. You will hear the voice of the Narrator that will guide you through the gameplay. Just make sure you do not miss the New Content door that will add even more thrills to your office adventure. You will have to go through many situations where you need to make a difficult choice. There are plenty of endings in this entertainment, but it will depend only on your decisions whether it will be positive or not. Experiment with you choices and go through this office adventure as many times as wish.

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