Smiling Critters


Smiling Critters introduces players to a whimsically dark world crafted by Playtime Co., featuring a line of vibrant, anthropomorphic animal plushes known for their exaggerated, joyful smiles. Each character is meticulously designed with distinct, colorful appearances and a signature scent emitted from their mouths to promote relaxation and sleep, tied to their unique personalities. These scents range from fruity to herbal, each meant to embody the essence of the character. However, beneath their cheerful exterior lies a deeper, more ominous narrative. The story unfolds within the “Destroy-a-Toy” map, where posters tease the unsettling presence of these characters, setting the stage for their full reveal in an interactive ARG during Chapter 3.

A Dark Turn in Playtime’s Tale

As the plot of Smiling Critters thickens, the once adorable plush toys take on more sinister roles within the narrative. The main antagonist, CatNap, along with deteriorated versions of the other plush toys, named the Ruined Critters, transforms from innocuous toys into haunting adversaries in the game’s setting of Home Sweet Home. Players navigate a complex environment where these characters serve as obstacles and carry the dark history of their creation and the disastrous events that followed. Tragic backstories, such as the transformation of Theodore Grambell into CatNap and the violent episode known as The Hour of Joy, reveal a macabre layer to the Smiling Critters’ existence, challenging players to piece together clues and uncover the truth behind Playtime Co.’s twisted experiments. This blending of charming design and chilling lore creates a unique, immersive experience that invites players to question the seemingly innocent and delve deeper into the dark corridors of the game’s story.

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