Public Transport Simulator


In Public Transport Simulator, players assume the role of a manager tasked with reviving an old city transport depot. The game begins with a challenging cleanup phase where players must clear away debris and junk to refurbish the space. The gameplay involves repairing existing vehicles and purchasing new ones when repairs are not feasible. Players must get all equipment up and running to start providing services and earning revenue for additional upgrades.

Take Control of the Old City Transport Station!

The game allows for extensive customization, giving players the freedom to personalize the city depot. From altering the appearance of buses and trams to enhancing operational facilities, every modification not only enhances aesthetics but also boosts the depot’s profitability. Managing such a complex system requires a team; players can recruit and hire various staff members, each with unique skills and traits. For a more hands-on experience, players can also take the role of a driver, navigating their vehicles through the city to understand the nuances of public transport first-hand.

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