Parasite Cleaner

Have you ever thought about helping people to solve their health problems? Do not worry if you do not have special medical skills for it. In this online game, you will quickly master everything you need for it. You will become a cosmetologist and will be helping patients with various skin issues. At first, you will deal with the most frequently met disease – acne. Take time to examine every patient and prescribe treatment for them. If you see the light form of acne – it will be enough to pop pimples and apply some facial masks. For more serious cases, you will have to use other methods. Study your menu and inventory – you will see many tools that can be used for diagnostics and curing. Earn points for your performance and continue opening more serious procedures. Soon, you will learn how to remove an insect from under the skin and much more. Master all the nuances of a cosmetologist job and become a real pro! The process is very addictive and you will love it!

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