Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Discover a new adventure of Ori – a spirit of the forest. You must remember him as a lonely orphan that lives all alone in the forest. However, in this game you will find out more about Ori’s past and his family. His sister – an owl called Koo – has disappeared and now Ori will start a journey to find her. During this journey, our hero will find out more about himself, other spirits, and the mysterious forest he lives in. This story will reveal unexpected facts about Ori and you will have a chance to find out everything about the beautiful world of this game. As always, the game features incredible hand-drawn graphics as well as amazing soundtrack that was written specifically for this title. The melodies that accompany your adventures are played by the real orchestra! And you will be amazed by the way the background music supports and reveal the emotional and touching atmosphere of the game. Have fun and let your spirit fly through the darkest night like a beam of light!

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