Mimic Search


Mimic Search immerses players in the role of a police officer tasked with investigating a recent mimic attack. The objective is to identify and eliminate the mimic to safeguard the community. This game delivers a concise yet gripping horror experience, requiring players to navigate a tense environment and solve an intriguing mystery.

Visual and Atmospheric Elements

The game’s VHS aesthetics provide a distinct retro feel that enhances its unsettling atmosphere. Carefully designed ambient sounds and visual cues create a constant sense of unease. The open-world design allows players to explore at their own pace, uncovering clues and piecing together the mystery. Volumetric lighting adds depth and realism, casting dynamic shadows that contribute to the eerie mood of the game.

Investigative Gameplay Mechanics

Players must utilize their detective skills to track down the mimic, closely observing the environment for subtle signs of its presence. The game requires sharp attention to detail and strategic thinking, as the mimic can camouflage itself within its surroundings. Each playthrough is unique, with the mimic’s location and behavior changing, ensuring that players face a fresh challenge every time. The goal is to find and neutralize the mimic, restoring safety to the area and successfully completing the mission. The game’s dynamic mechanics maintain high levels of suspense and engagement throughout the investigation.

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