Lily’s Garden


Lily’s Garden invites players into a refreshing blend of puzzle-solving and garden restoration. Players take on the role of Lily, who inherits her aunt’s garden, now in disrepair and waiting to be brought back to its former glory. The game combines match-3 puzzles with a storyline that unfolds as players restore various garden areas. Each successful puzzle solved earns players stars, which are then used to complete tasks ranging from planting flowers and fixing fountains to rebuilding benches. As players progress, they transform the garden and uncover hidden aspects of Lily’s past and the secrets buried in the garden.

Engage in a Dynamic Storyline with Heartfelt Connections

The game’s appeal extends beyond simple puzzle mechanics through a narrative rich with challenges and character development. As Lily restores the garden, she encounters neighbors and potential romances that bring new tasks and stories. Each character introduces additional layers to the gameplay, offering special items or obstacles that add complexity to the puzzles. The garden itself evolves with each chapter, reflecting the changes in season and Lily’s own growth. Players become deeply involved in the restoration process, motivated by the desire to see the next part of the story and the next garden transformation. Lily’s Garden provides a captivating experience that combines strategic puzzle-solving with a heartwarming storyline that keeps players engaged and eager to see what each new day in the garden brings.

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