Holocure Collabs

Have you already tested Holocure? It is great entertainment in the style of Vampire Survivors. You are creating and pumping your personages and get them ready to defeat hordes of enemies of all sorts. What do you get in return? Your successful performance moves your rating up. And the ultimate goal is to reach the highest possible ranking in this game. Let’s delve deeper?

Decide on your character

The game offers several dozen characters. At first, only 5 options are available. And they all come with a set of basic skills only. But this is where you can change everything. You are to earn points and upgrade your personage. You can buy more skills and various power-ups for them. If you do not do it, you will have no chance to fend off continuously increased attacks. You can even get special attack feature to make your character super powerful on the battlefield. Prove you can do it right!

Experiment with collabs

Each character comes with a weapon. This item can also be upgraded. The system of ammo is a special feature in this entertainment. You can experiment with collabs. These are special tools that you can receive by way of merging two basic weapons. There is a whole list of combos you can make to get armed with collabs. There are three categories of these super powerful devices – melee, ranged and multishot. The better you are equipped, the more chances you have to hold out in intense confrontations. Start on this adventure now – it an endless trip across different maps. You will love this fast-paced entertainment.

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