Google Snake

Welcome to a new (although actually rather old) game made by Google guys! It’s based on the concept of the widely popular Snake game you surely remember if you had a Tetris as a kid. Only here the role of the snake is performed by a train. You’ll be controlling a train that moves around the map and picks up passengers. However, it won’t be easy since the map is ratherr own tail. In that case, you’ll lose immediately! So, for how long will you be able to hold ou small and you must maneuver around it very deftly to avoid running into the edges or into yout?

Try to set a new record traveling within the small square of your smartphone or PC screen! Each passenger you pick up will bring you points and some of them also come with special bonuses. Before the start of another level, you can choose a city and the train will look different depending on the location. And of course the more passengers get inside the longer your train will become! It will get more and more difficult not to collide with anything. To pass all the levels, you’ll need great reflexes and excellent agility. Play Google Snake online and remember what it was like when you were little, only on a whole new level!

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