Geometry Dash 2.3

This fabulous series can keep you engaged for hours and days without losing its appeal. Today, you will enjoy one of its latest episodes – Geometry Dash 2.3. You control a little square-shaped hero, known as a cube. This character is in constant motion. But life for this little cube is far from easy, as the hero must navigate a never-ending series of trials. You will face obstacle courses filled with deadly challenges and strange enemies. They will try to stop the hero. That’s where your help comes into play. You must skillfully press the appropriate control buttons when facing a new deadly barrier. It is time to step into the shoes of this mischievous character and embark on an endless adventure!

Create your levels!

The possibility to create content is one of the most exciting features of this game. And we are not talking about changing the character. You can generate your own content and integrate it into the gameplay. In other words, you can craft levels and infuse them with obstacles of your choice. You will have access to a special level editor that offers absolute creative freedom. Experiment to your heart’s content by adding your own icons, characters, and selecting the types of challenges. Save your levels and invite fellow gamers to test them out. It is never-ending fun.

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