Friday Night Funkin vs FILIP Week 2

Filip is a fox boy who knows music very well, sings nicely, and can play the trumpet. He is a strong rival in this battle indeed. Filip has been encountered in the FNF games already but now his return marks a completely new week and brand-new songs that are used for the rhythm battle. Each of the two weeks features new songs. For Week One they are I’m Going for a Walk, Respect Everybody (Except for John), and Your 9 Lives. As for Week 2, they are Big Chance, Say My Name, Elyse, and Top Countertop.

Use all your skills and enthusiasm to help Boyfriend in this battle and defeat Filip once again. Use either the Story mode or the Free Play mode to do that. The arrow keys on your keyboard will help you to control the game and to match the note arrows on the screen. Be attentive not to miss the notes because if you make many mistakes of this kind, your game will be lost and you will have to start again. We believe that will never happen to you. Good luck!

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