FNF vs Ace (Full week)

Ace is a snow dragon. It is considered to be an elemental one because it represents one of the natural elements – snow. The dragon is a brand-new antagonist that can be defeated in this stunning rhythm battle by the joint efforts of Boyfriend and you. At the same time, he is one of the dragons that have already been featured in the FNF. You will have to participate in the Story mode or Free Play mode and try to cope with such custom songs as Concrete Jungle, Sub-Zero, Noreaster, and Frostbite.

Do your best to defeat the Snow Dragon by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or smartphone to control the game. Your goal is to match the note arrows on the screen on time as you hear them. No delays or rush are allowed because you may fail and be thrown back to the beginning of the song. Try to be very attentive and win the battle. Enjoy the gameplay and have a lot of fun!

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