FNAF Security Breach

Attention! There was a security breach in the pizza house and all the animatronics left their places! Now they are freely wandering throughout the building starting their nightly hunt. The creepy dolls are led by an even spookier character – a crazy girl dressed as a white rabbit. With her huge knife, she plans to cut your flesh and turn you into a cold corpse. There are also other children in danger and maybe you’ll be able to help each other uniting against the murderous toys! Whether you survive or not will depend on your ability to stay unnoticed and quickly retreat into the shadow whenever you see any sign of danger. There are various means for you to observe your enemies and even oppose them. But you won’t be able to fend them off for too long. And you don’t need to because once it’s morning the animatronics will turn back into toys and won’t be threatening you anymore. That can’t be said, however, about the rabbit girl who is much more persistent and dangerous. This is your main opponent whom you need to avoid at all cost. She won’t be afraid of your flashlight like the other monsters, so look for a way out of her path whenever you see her tall white silhouette at the end of the dim hall approaching you!

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