Egg Fried Rice


Egg Fried Rice transforms a mundane late-night hunger into a gripping adventure where the search for a simple meal becomes an intense and eerie experience. As the clock ticks past midnight and hunger pangs keep you awake, the quest for something quick and satisfying drives the gameplay. Players must navigate their dimly lit home or venture out to a local takeaway, all in pursuit of a plate of egg fried rice.

A Suspenseful Culinary Quest

This game, designed to be completed in 10 to 20 minutes, blends early 3D-inspired graphics with a suspenseful atmosphere, creating a nostalgic yet thrilling experience. Egg Fried Rice features multiple endings, each determined by the player’s choices and actions throughout the game. The journey includes exploration of dark environments, tense driving sequences, and the constant threat of unknown dangers. Players can customize their experience with options to toggle visual filters and head bob, and enjoy full controller support for smooth gameplay. Basic controls include WASD for movement, E or left click to interact and advance the narrative, F to toggle torch or car lights, SHIFT to run, and R to reset the car if it gets stuck. The simplicity of the controls ensures that players can fully immerse themselves in the atmospheric and suspenseful search for that elusive midnight meal.

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