Dead Plate


Dead Plate immerses players in a richly textured 2D world set in a 1960s French bistro, where the elegance of high-class dining meets the suspense of a horror RPG. Players step into the role of Rody, an energetic waiter determined to maximize his earnings within one eventful week. The game artfully blends elements of a visual novel and point-and-click adventure, setting the stage for a narrative-driven experience where every interaction can unravel deeper mysteries.

Delving Deeper: Service with a Sinister Twist

As Rody serves the bistro’s affluent clientele, he must juggle the dual challenges of maintaining top-notch service and investigating the eerie undercurrents that pervade the establishment. The charismatic chef and owner, Vince, presents a charming yet enigmatic figure whose motivations and background gradually surface through dialogues and discrete exploration. Dead Plate challenges players to manage their tasks efficiently, from taking precise orders to managing complex customer demands, all while gathering clues and piecing together the dark secrets hidden within the bistro’s walls.

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