Applaydu ushers children into a magical world of learning filled with thematic islands where joy reigns supreme. In this game, mathematics, letters, science, and books serve as tools for meaningful engagement. Children have the opportunity to enhance their creativity through activities like drawing and coloring, as well as designing and personalizing their own avatar homes. As they interact with the animated creatures from NATOONS, children gain a fun and engaging introduction to the natural world. Applaydu is committed to a safe digital environment, devoid of advertisements, ensuring that children’s playtime is both secure and beneficial under a parent’s watchful eye.

Dive Into 16 Captivating Educational Games

Immerse your preschoolers in the enchanting world of Applaydu, which features 16 exciting educational games. These games range from puzzle-solving and racing to augmented reality tasks and adventures with NATOONS animals, all designed to make learning fun and interactive. Your children can craft their own stories and adventure books, or enjoy multiplayer offline games, exploring subjects like mathematics, letters, geography, and science through play. Each game is an opportunity to learn new concepts in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Foster Creativity and Imagination

Applaydu encourages children to develop their creative skills through drawing and coloring activities designed in collaboration with the University of Oxford. Kids can choose from a variety of paint types and colors to bring their ideas to life. Preschoolers have the freedom to design homes, modify avatars, and compose their own bedtime stories, recording them in their personal books. With themes ranging from space to nature and travel, Applaydu provides a diverse range of topics that help nurture children’s imaginations, making each session not just fun but also a creative learning experience.

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