Play NFS Games Online

Would you like to be like one of those cool drivers from the TV screen? Right now you are given the opportunity to emerge from the shadows. Feel the smell of burning rubber that calls for freedom and adventures. In our serious of legendary car races you’ll be able assert yourself, have an adrenaline rush and what’s more, receive recognition and respect. Ready to become a new superhero of the city? Let’s start the unforgettable ride with Need For Speed Games! Hold on tight and don’t forget to fasten your seat belt!

Raise your competitive spirit!

What do you see from your rearview mirror? Other racers trying to catch on you. Don’t give in, put your foot down and finish another circle that will bring you victory in the end. Receive rewards and collect points to exchange them for upgrades and details for your super car. Unlock fantastic models of vehicles and make everyone envy your success. What was that? Oh, that’s his new Ferrari. 

Have a new perspective on the virtual car races. For example, in NFS Hot Pursuit you’ll be able to raise the intensity of emotions by driving a police interceptor and chasing the suspects. If the last ones don’t agree on your conditions and refuse to stop their auto, neutralize them using a powerful arsenal of weapons. On the other hand, if you play for the lawbreakers, you won’t regret it either. Escape from the thrilling pursuit with the help of a special equipment. Outsmart the cops and wave them happily while getting away from the crime scene. Would you rather drive Pagani Zonda Cinque or Lamborghini Reventon?

Watch the landscapes change

New locations appear in front of your eyes. Get the brightest impressions going up the serpentine roads in the mountains or enjoy sea breeze rushing across the beaches of America. It takes you to switch on the ignition and next moment you’re travelling under the scorching sun of the desert. Day and night will bring you pleasure from observing the scenery. Make your car race at full capacity and forget about troubles. Life goes on, so why should you stop? 

Realistic views will take you far away from home and let you plunge into the atmosphere of risk and madness. Noisy highways or narrow paths – it doesn’t matter if you like the wind playing with your hair. Jump into the car and begin this crazy competition. The streets are calling out your name, so don’t make the audience wait for too long. Play Need For Speed series to take part in the tremendous competitions and become the champion of the races!

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